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Tennis Erjavec, Veronika - Kanev, Kathleen
16:45 (Tennis)
Others Kowalik, Martin - Klement, Milan
17:00 (Others)
Tennis Bourgue, Mathias - Castelnuovo, Luca
15:10 (Tennis)
Others Soutar, Alan - Barry, Keane
15:05 (Others)
Tennis Lajal, Mark - Raynel, Amaury
16:17 (Tennis)
Basketball Sichuan Blue Whales - Shanghai Sharks
13:35 (Basketball)
Others Korp, Petr Oliver - Ruzicka, Jiri
15:00 (Others)
Tennis Jorda Sanchis, David - Leshem, Edan
14:50 (Tennis)
Others Kliuchuk, Rostyslav - Svoboda, Jan
15:30 (Others)
Others Svoboda, Jan - Korp, Petr Oliver
14:30 (Others)
Basketball Beijing Royal Fighters - Zhejiang Guangsha Lions
13:35 (Basketball)
Others Loffler, Jeromy - Cheaib, Dauud
14:50 (Others)
Tennis Pujol Navarro, Bruno - Friberg, Karl
13:36 (Tennis)
Tennis Poljicak, Mili - Cobolli, Flavio
16:43 (Tennis)
Others Borland, William - Part, John
16:04 (Others)
Tennis Klahn, Bradley - Machac, Tomas
17:00 (Tennis)
Tennis Piros, Zsombor - Peniston, Ryan
15:58 (Tennis)
Tennis Forti, Francesco - Potenza, Luca
16:02 (Tennis)
Basketball Tianjin Pioneers - Qingdao Eagles
13:35 (Basketball)
Others Magyar, Laszlo - Turrini, Rafael
13:30 (Others)
Others Kliuchuk, Rostyslav - Ruzicka, Jiri
14:00 (Others)
Tennis Andreev, Adrian - Merida Aguilar, Daniel
16:38 (Tennis)
Others Magyar, Laszlo - Abbasi, Amirreza
16:50 (Others)
Others Briza, Frantisek - Andrle, Tomas
17:00 (Others)
Others Wilson, Kyren - Carrington, Stuart
16:30 (Others)
Others Higgins, John - Joyce, Mark
16:15 (Others)
Tennis Yunchaokete, Bu - Echeverria, John
15:22 (Tennis)
Tennis Drzewiecki, Karol - Kivattsev, Kirill
15:39 (Tennis)
Tennis Briand, Jurgen - Glinka, Daniil
13:30 (Tennis)
Tennis Droguet, Titouan - Ajdukovic, Duje
15:39 (Tennis)
Tennis Safiullin, Roman - Moreno De Alboran, Nicolas
17:00 (Tennis)
Others Ruzicka, Jiri - Svoboda, Jan
13:30 (Others)
Tennis Gomez, Emilio - Skatov, Timofei
16:52 (Tennis)
Tennis Bittoun Kouzmine, Constantin - Olivetti, Albano
13:20 (Tennis)
Tennis Cukierman, Daniel - Safwat, Mohamed
13:52 (Tennis)
Others West, Steve - Teehan, Ciaran
15:20 (Others)
Basketball Nanjing Monkey Kings - Guangzhou Long Lions
13:35 (Basketball)
Basketball Zhejiang Golden Bulls - Shanxi Loongs
13:35 (Basketball)
Basketball Al Bashaer - Kazma
16:00 (Basketball)
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